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Blaze the Fire Dog

After years of running my paws off for the California Fire Museum they finally gave me my own web site.


Come see me and be a part of a long, proud California firefighting heritage! Honor our great state's firefighters - both past and present. Watch as I educate our children in fire prevention and home safety.

Introducing DOTTIE dog - BLAZE’s new little assistant

*A Safety Message from Blaze*
Safety Tip: Time to review your HOME ESCAPE PLAN which includes picking a family meeting place outside where everyone can meet.  You can get more information about home safety plans at the Orange County Fire Authority site:

Blaze's Events Calendar - Come out and see me so we can shake paws.




California Fire Museum Mission Statement:

The California Fire Museum, Incorporated is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose purpose is:

  • To preserve and protect the history and heritage of the fire service in general, with special emphasis on the California Fire Services.
  • To collect, restore, preserve and exhibit apparatus, equipment, art and artifacts of the firefighting profession.
  • To provide life safety, fire safety and fire prevention education to the community.
  • To educate the public about firefighters, firefighting and emergency services.
  • We are dedicated to conservation, research, restoration, education and community service.

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