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Become part of a long, proud California firefighting heritage! Honor our great State's firefighters - both past and present. Help educate our children in fire prevention and life safety.

You have a chance to do all of this, plus be a part of The Orange County Great Park . The California Fire Museum – Safety Learning Center has worked over the past six years to become a part of the Great Park. To date we have had our Priority Program Feasibility Study presented to and approved by the Great Park Board of Directors.

We are now embarking on a very aggressive funding campaign which will include adding additional community leaders to our board and acquiring seed money to facilitate our Master Plan and moving forward with our building plans.

Corporate Sponsorship & Partnership

Our fire heritage and safety education center building plan offers opportunities for corporate sponsors to either contribute toward our building fund or to sponsor planned attractions and exhibits in our museum programs. These programs will include a life and fire safety education center, fire apparatus and fire service history exhibits, banquet facility, and an archive/library research center.

The Road To Safety

A large part of our program will be a center for children and the community. This center will be called The Road to Safety. It will incorporate a number of educational exhibits dealing with all aspects of life and fire safety. Exhibits will include fire prevention, water safety, disaster preparedness, hazards in the home, first-aid-AED-CPR, plus many others.

California Fire Museum Mission Statement:

The California Fire Museum , Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose purpose is:

  • To preserve and protect the history and heritage of the fire service in general, with special emphasis on the California Fire Services.
  • To collect, restore, preserve and exhibit apparatus, equipment, art and artifacts of the firefighting profession.
  • To provide life safety, fire safety and fire prevention education to the community.
  • To educate the public about firefighters, firefighting and emergency services.
  • We are dedicated to conservation, research, restoration, education and community service.

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