Thank you for visiting our website and for the opportunity to provide insight for the future plans for the Call to Adventure at the California Fire Museum.

I was honored to be elected as president of the museum in the Spring of 2023. Thank you to my predecessor, Don Forsyth, for his many years of dedicated service. I am excited about the positive and enlightening large-scale community impact that the museum will have in the upcoming years and decades.

The time has come for us to build a permanent state-of-the-art facility at the Irvine Great Park. We will expand our mission and scope with community safety and resilience as an integral focus for our future planning. We are passionate about growing our decades-old mobile museum into a welcoming home with citizens visiting from all over the world to learn about the fire service heritage of Orange County and California. The content rich learning environment will be for every age and stage – a training ground full of adventures.

In order to accomplish the goal of designing, building an operational and self-sufficient museum and safety learning center, we need to secure funding. While we continue to operate our mobile museum, we will also be intently focused on fundraising opportunities to make our dream of a permanent, physical home a reality. We invite you all to join us on the amazing journey and heed the “Call to Adventure.”

Wishing everyone safe and resilient lives,

Chris Karr, President
Call to Adventure at the California Fire Museum